Fair = Transparency + Accountability + Community

MSP FairSkies seeks greater transparency and accountability of the FAA and MAC to the community as the path to fair airport solutions in Minnesota.

Airport noise and the proposed implementation of Performance Based Navigation/Required Navigation (PBN/RNAV) is an ongoing issue with Minneapolis neighbors.  FAA’s proposed RNAV flight paths will place major, heavily-concentrated, departure and arrival tracks over the lower half of Minneapolis, fanning out with a track – or “freeway in the sky” – approximately every eight blocks. The impact of this change will be profound:

  • Approximately 35% of all Minneapolis students are within two blocks of the heaviest tracks, bringing on average one departure every three minutes for eight hours a day
  • Research shows that property values under these freeways in the sky will decrease ~20%, yet because of the noise overlap from neighboring tracks, there is no “safe” area that is not impacted by the new noise levels, and there will be no corresponding increase in property values. This, of course, will have a negative effect on property taxes
  • A newly published medical research study shows a direct link between airplane noise and increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Yet, with these and other points, the FAA and MAC have no plans to conduct a thorough environmental review of the impact in our neighborhoods.

MSP FairSkies Coalition was formed by residents in the Twin Cities to make sure residents have a say in airport issues that impact levels of airplane noise and air pollution in our neighborhoods. Our goal is MSP Airport “smart growth” – an approach that balances growth of the airport without sacrificing the livability of our neighborhoods.


Strong Support for Changes at the FAA

Read letters of support for changes to the FAA by our representatives here:

NEWS — No RNAV for Departures at MSP!

On February 19, 2014 the FAA ruled that they would not implement RNAV out of MSP for departures! This is a great victory for all neighbors who have supported this cause over the last 14 months.

Here’s a letter confirming this great news!