Hi All:

We are coordinating a National Night out Two Minute Airplane Protest — a mass protest you can do during your block party at exactly 7:00 PM. We want the MAC to know that we are all here, we are united, and we do care about the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Here is how you and your neighbors can participate…

At 6:58 PM, gather your neighbors around at your block party, pull out your smart phones, and follow these simple instructions…

1) Each person navigates to the MAC noise website:


2) Enter your street address and hit ENTER (the system automatically enters city, state, and zip)

3) From the complaint description group, mark the box on the left next to “other”

4) In “Arrival or Departure” dropdown, choose “unknown”

5) In airport section, choose “Minneapolis St-Paul International Airport

6) Click on “submit” at exactly 7:00 PM

To make this protest work, we need to get as many people as possible participating, so tell your friends. Don’t forget to send me an email of the number of people protesting in your group!

Have a great night out and thanks for your help to make this work.


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