You’ll see our signs tonight – What? What’s that all about?

These are pre-printed signs you can customize with whatever your message is for the FAA, MAC and our representatives. Some sample messages are below.




What? >> 135 flights = Significant

  • The new RNAV track over Kenny, Armatage, Lynnhurst, Fulton and Edina would increase the number of low flying flights directly overhead from about 25 to 135 per day

What? >> 35% of students affected

  • With the new flight track and using the same measurements as is used in the rest of developed world, 35% of all Minneapolis students would be exposed to airplane noise at a level shown to noticeably decrease reading scores

What? >> I “heart” my backyard

  • Would 135 flights a day directly over your house that are 20+ seconds long and as loud as a vacuum cleaner or lawnmower affect your use of your backyard?

What? >> $700 million???

  • That’s how much money the MAC spent on Runway 17 after telling us that it would take nearly 40% of departures out over the Minnesota River. Instead the FAA increased flights over Minneapolis, Edina and Richfield by more than 40%

What? >> Use 17 now!

  • Use that $700 million Runway 17. And btw, did I mention that pretty much every prediction the MAC has made about runway use has been wrong for the last 20 years – to the detriment of Minneapolis, Edina and Richfield

What? >> Minneapolis already #1

  • MSP is already one of the top airports in terms of the number and amount time for delayed departures. Fewer delays is supposed to be one out “benefits”

What? >> Long Island, Yes, MPLS No???

  • In a July 2013 court case, the FAA actually DEFENDED residents of Long Island against a consortium of airlines. There, they said that 45 dB of noise from 43 flights a day is “unbearable” and would “negatively impact the quality of life”. Who lives there? Of course, Long Island is where the east coast elite have their multi-million $ summer homes. But if you live if Armatage or Kenny – tough luck – the standard FAA medicine is just fine for you!

What? >> Dinosaur Noise Level

  • DNL is the FAA’s preferred method for measuring noise. It is a very odd, logarithmic measurement that was invented in the 70’s and is widely viewed by experts as utterly failing to accurately reflect the experience of people living with plane noise. CNEL is a better version of it used in most of the rest of the world

What? >> N70!

  • N70 is a super easy way to measure noise. How many planes went over my head today that were at least 70 dB? Why 70? Well, it’s loud enough to stop your conversation. That amount of noise will change your life, especially if it’s 135 times a day. Invented in Australia, and it uses the FAA’s existing noise model – no extra work required

What? >> Judge, Jury, Executioner

  • The FAA makes up its own rules, decides how they will be applied, and then tells you how take your medicine. Congress has the power to change this, and the Minnesota legislature can force the MAC to do environmental work that exposes deep issues in the implementation of RNAV. Do it!


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