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Heard about FAA’s changes? You will.
If you love the Minneapolis lakes, then you should be very concerned about the Federal Aviation Administration’s new RNAV program, which may be implemented as early as late this fall unless there is pushback now by neighborhoods and lake users. What the FAA is proposing is condensing 30 flight paths into seven air superhighways, most of which will run over our lakes.
Walkers, runners, bicyclists, skiers, here’s what you can expect: The area between Lake Calhoun and Isles will be hit the hardest, from approximately 20 flights daily to 135, one after another, landing and takeoffs. Departing flights are louder, and Delta flies an older fleet that is considerably louder on takeoffs and landings. Although there are no remote detectors near Calhoun or Isles to document noise, we know from Lake Harriet detectors that many of their flights register above 80 decibels, like a lawn mower at one meter.
What the FAA is doing is trying to force a national air program on cities throughout the country, even if it doesn’t fit with a particular city’s needs and desires. Our lakes are our city’s greatest treasure, but the FAA hasn’t taken that into consideration.
Join those of us who care deeply about our lakes on Tuesday night at the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s citizen meeting. For more information on RNAV, go to For information about the meeting, contact And while you’re at it, write to Congress — Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, neither of whom have supported citizen efforts to fight the implementation of RNAV.
CAROL DINES, Minneapolis

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