Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your continued interest in reducing airport noise in our community. We deeply appreciate your engagement on this crucial livability issue.

We are pleased to report that the Federal Aviation Commission (FAA) has decided, for the time being, not to implement its proposed new system to more closely space and align airplanes, known as RNAV, for departures from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport (MSP). This is a significant development that addresses our deep concerns about concentrating noise in a very narrow corridor for take-offs over southwest Minneapolis. The decision, however, does move ahead with RNAV for arrival landings. We are trying to better understand what that will mean in terms of impacts on our neighborhoods. The FAA’s letter is linked here for your own review and information:

This partial victory would not have been possible without you.  Strong turnouts at Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and community meetings, as well as your letters and phone calls to public officials at all levels were key.

Our work, however, is not done. RNAV still needs to be studied more thoroughly. The communication from the FAA is clear that the proposal could be reconsidered by the FAA and MAC in the not too distant future. Comments from MAC officials in the media indicate that they expect the matter to be revisited as soon as next year. The push to yet again expand MSP airport is continued cause for concern and we will need more evaluation of its necessity, economic implications and environmental effects. Finally, there is a strong need to restructure the MAC’s Noise Oversight Committee to ensure the adequacy of representation from all of the communities surrounding MSP and to stop the ability of vested interested to block progress on the development of responsible noise policies.

To that end, we will be introducing bills in the coming days to keep noise and environmental issues at MSP on the front burner. We invite you to attend a joint House and Senate Transportation hearing on these subjects at the State Capitol on Tuesday, March 4th at 7:00 PM in Room 15. We invite your attendance and continued activism on this issue.

Again, we so appreciate and continue to strongly share your concerns about airport noise, and look forward to seeing you personally at the upcoming hearing.


Scott Dibble – Chair, Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee

Frank Hornstein – Chair, House Transportation Finance Committee

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