Now is your chance to thank our local, state, and national elected officials for the hard work on this RNAV issue. Sign the form in the box at the end of the letter and we will send your signature on to those who have supported us and our cause.


U.S. Representative Keith Ellison
U.S. Representative Erik Paulsen
State Representative Paul Thissen
State Senator Scott Dibble
State Senator Melisa Franzen
State Representative Frank Hornstein
Mayor Betsy Hodges, City of Minneapolis
Mayor James Holvand, City of Edina
John Quincy, Minneapolis City Council
Linea Palmisano, Minneapolis City Council
Scott Neale, City Manager, City of Edina
Loren Olson, Policy Aide
John Dybvig, Policy Aide

Senator Amy Klobuchar
Senator Al Franken
Governor Mark Dayton

Thank you for your support in the recent FAA announcement indicating that they will not implement Area Navigation (RNAV) departure routes at MSP.  This win would not have been possible without the community and representatives like you coming together in a unified front to find a solution.

We look forward to your active leadership as we continue to push for changes on this topic, including:

  • Mandating an environmental impact study (EIS) for all changes at MSP – land and air
  • Changing how noise is measured to be fair for all our neighborhoods
  • Creating a long-term statewide aviation plan that addresses the inevitable airport growth at MSP

Our community is always better when we come together. Thanks, again, for all you do.


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