Ward 12 Candidates

Andrew Johnson – No response from candidate
Ben Gisselman – No response from candidate
Chris Lautenschlager – No response from candidate

Charlie Casserly

1. What is your opinion of the planned PBN/RNAV implementation at MSP?

CC: As I wrote on my website and on my printed campaign material, I am not in favor of the FAA’s RNAV plan, and I would fight it as much or more as a council member can.

2. What have you done in the past to support our plan to support efforts by Minneapolis citizens to change the PBN/RNAV tracks and what is your plan to support the cause in the future?

CC: I was born and raised in the 12th Ward. Airport noise has been a factor most of my life here. I attended the Washburn meeting on August 27 and was even more energized by the citizen’s discussions. I was pleased to see both sides of the national political spectrum on stage for this issue. Since this is an FAA plan, we need to work with national political leaders and continue Sandy Colvin Roy’s coalition, because as a city council member, we don’t have much of any policy-making power. But we do have the bully pulpit, and the ability to build coalitions.

3. Since time is of the essence, what specific actions will you take in the first 90 days in office to with regard to PBN/RNAV?

CC: Continue Sandy Colvin Roy’s coalition with both sides of the isle to fight RNAV. I will join the national airport noise group. I would urge the airport to use more of the under-utilized runway which would put more flights over the Minnesota River Valley. I would contact the FAA and urge them to not implement RNAV. I would contact all our national representatives and tell them the same thing: We do not want the RNAV Highway of the Sky. We need to protect our noise mitigation funds as well.

4. What is your long term vision for MSP Airport, taking into consideration the projected growth in the airline industry?

CC: I appreciate the airport in its current location, and despite projected growth, I do not want the airport to move; that would be incredibly expensive. We can use our current runway resources better.

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