Ward 8

Elizabeth Glidden

1. What is your opinion of the planned PBN/RNAV implementation at MSP? 

EG: It is a concerning plan, one with potentially large negative consequences for Minneapolis residents, and I do not support it. I support the City of Minneapolis position raising every potential objection and concern about RNAV, and that formally objects to the lack of environmental review for RNAV.

2. What have you done in the past to support our plan to support efforts by Minneapolis citizens to change the PBN/RNAV tracks and what is your plan to support the cause in the future? 

EG: I have helped to lead, along with a team of concerned Council Members and the Mayor, City efforts that support the efforts of Minneapolis residents to halt and change the proposed RNAV implementation as now proposed. This has not been just one action, but a series of positions including formal comment to the federal government and the MAC, and ongoing engagement with state legislators and our Congressional delegation to ensure they continue to support the city’s and the residents’ position. Relating to MSPFairSkies, I have helped promote this organization and its ability to organize and inform residents, including by promoting FairSkies and its events in my Ward 8 newsletter and recommending to the constituents who call my office about airport noise that they contact MSPFairSkies to help continue to build a coalition of concerned residents. My plan for the future is to be part of an engaged and strategic team that meets regularly to guide city action on airport noise and to the proposed RNAV plan.

3. Since time is of the essence, what specific actions will you take in the first 90 days in office with regard to PBN/RNAV? 

EG: Continue to meet regularly (at least once per month) with the city airport work group which includes key staff and elected officials, to discuss strategy around opposing the RNAV implementation; support city budget proposal that will add staff resources to help work on airport issues; continue to engage with residents around airport noise issues, including MSPFairSkies organizers, meeting with state legislators and confer with Congressional delegation members as part of an ongoing strategic plan to work together around concerns about RNAV.

4. What is your long term vision for MSP Airport, taking into consideration the projected growth in the airline industry?

EG: A regional growth strategy should incorporate Mayor Rybak’s proposal to utilize the other regional airports to support growth. The MSP Airport cannot alone absorb all proposed growth.

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